Favorite Moment---Watching Victoria and Larry work. They are both brilliant. They work slightly different but the end result is always beautiful. 
–Elisha Tando, Scott Miller Salon
Take Away: You don't glaze a client their not a chicken, you gloss them! 
–Liz Gouveia, Scott Miller Salon
The Whittemore House 2-Day Hair Painting Seminar impacted my work in every way! I really feel my painting has evolved completely. #nofear
-Liz Gouveia, Scott Miller Salon
Larry and Victoria from Whittemore House are the real deal. These talented individuals have been honing and teaching the technique of hair painting years before the era of “insta-famous” colorists. I chose to train with them because I know most colorists teaching hair painting nationwide are of their lineage, so I chose to travel to the source. Down to earth, engaging and authentic. It’s worth every penny.
–Lisa Marquez, Owner of Bigsby House California
The training has elevated the way I look at hair color and forever changed my thought process. I’ve learned that there are so many more layers to the color process I've learned that there are so many more layers to the color process than I originally thought or payed attention to. At a point when I would normally say "this looks good," Larry and Victoria pushed me to think beyond to bring the color to the next level.
–Sophia Trovato, Scott Miller Salon
My A-HA: Sometimes all you need to do is to change your clients base color in order to achieve the results that you and they want. It could be warmer, cooler, lighter or darker all depending on their skin tone and what they are looking to achieve. It may seem like a simple thing but it can make a huge difference.
-Stephanie McKenna, Scott Miller Salon
Taking the painting class with Larry & Victoria at Whittemore House was an exceptional experience.  Their knowledge and technique changed my approach as a colorist.  As a result, I have an increased confidence as a colorist and a much neater painter.
–Michelle O’Connor, Scott Miller Salon
My overall experience was amazing! Being able to work so closely with Victoria and Larry was something I'll never forget. I love the relaxed environment and they were both so down to earth and very approachable. Technically, I learned to look at the hair in a more natural and organic state. Putting light pieces where they would naturally be found, similar to children's hair color. I also learned a lot about how to better educate my clients on how painting the hair will give them a more modern look compared to foiling. It was an honor to be able to learn from the best, and to be able to share everything we learned with the rest of the color department at Scott Miller. Thank you!
–Sarah Barnes, Scott Miller Salon