Whittemore House Hair Paint

Whittemore House Hair Paint™ is a natural lightening powder with technology never before used in hair care.

Please note: Our Hair Paint is professional use only. You must be a licensed cosmetologist to purchase.

Price: $42.00 ea.
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Whittemore House Hair Paint

Revolutionize the way you paint forever! Whittemore House Hair Paint™ is a natural lightening powder with technology never before used in hair care.

Using Intelligent Crystals, Whittemore House Hair Paint™ lifts up to 7+ levels while protecting, strengthening and conditioning the hair, eliminating the need for additional bonding treatments which improves efficiency, productivity and the end result.


Noun 340134 Cc

Protects and nourishes the hair during the coloring process, and continues to strengthen for 72 hours after treatment.

Noun 307847 Cc

Lifts more efficiently than any product on the market, and at a superior tonality.

Noun 307855 Cc

Elevated control for the colorist.



Protective molecules previously only found in expensive anti-aging skin care technology, utilized for the first time in a hair product, and in powder form.


These molecules encapsulate each strand of hair, protecting it during the coloring process, and strengthening it at the cellular level.


The result: Faster and more even lift and a savings of time and money.

The Difference

Noun 266100 Cc

100% nature-derived ingredients comprise the remainder of the formula, 70% of it being clay

Noun 308633 Cc

WH Hair Paint™ boosts your level by 10! Your 20 becomes your 30 and your 30 becomes your 40, while protecting, strengthening and conditioning the hair.

Noun 266633 Cc

Other bonding treatments used during a color service creates the opposite effect. Bonding treatments dilute the lightening process lowering your level by 10.

What Colorists Say

Mixes easily and quickly to desired consistency. Lightens more levels and processes quicker than any other painting bleach out there. Victoria and Larry's high performance painting lightener is what the modern hair colorist needs to achieve todays's sophisticated and artful hair colors!!! Thank you

~ Lisa | Colorist for 17 years

What I love about the lightening powder is that it's quick and easy to mix which is very important when you have just so much time with each client. Incredible lift with leaving the hair in better condition than before . Can't wait to get it!!!!

~ Breanna | Colorist for 6 years

The Lightening powder makes it possible to get hair lighter by cutting through awkward tones while still being reparative and keeping the hair in amazing condition.

~ Ella | Colorist for 3 years

I think the consistency is amazing, as it doesn't puff up or flake after sitting for a bit, which means less mess, less waste and less stepping away to mix again. It lifts to the lightest blonde without compromising the hair. This has never been done before . It's like a treatment has been built right in to it without decreasing its lightener power. Can't wait to use it and give my clients the very best every day!!!!

~ Katie | Colorist for 15 years

Victoria and Larry's lightener is going to take my painting to another level. This is such a unique and amazing lightener unlike anything I ever used in my professional career at Scott Miller . From my first experience I have been blown away by the incredible feel of the product , the way it lightens, and the way the hair feels after just rinsing the product out. It lightens so quickly and it's amazing how soft and beautiful the hair is. I can't wait to start using this on every client.

~ Liz | Colorist for 15 years

Now I will be able to push the color envelope more because the Whittemore lightening powder lifts beautifully but also leaves the hair repaired. I have never used a lightener that actually makes the hair shine after using it . Thanks Whittemore house, just brilliant!!!!!

~ Stef | Colorist for 22 years

The Whittemore lightening powder has an unusually luxurious consistency. It has the ability to lighten hair surprising quickly while leaving it in an unbelievably great condition. I can't believe how light it can get the hair while delivering a beautiful tone . I have never seen anything like it!!!

~ Michelle | Colorist for 13 years

I was really impressed with the lightening powder. The consistency in the bowl and on the hair was perfect and it didn't get puffy or too soft . The lifting ability was so beautiful too while staying on tone. The best part was how great the hair felt after.. I'm so looking forward to introducing it to all my clients..

~ Mary | Colorist for 31 years

The Whittemore lightening hair powder is a texture I've only dreamed of but never thought was possible . It's velvety and smooth and so easy to diffuse in to the hair . It's a product that can be layered and is completely moldable. The lightener doesn't swell in the bowl like many other painting bleaches I've used. It stays true to the texture that was desired during mixing. The lift was so quick without the underlying brassy tone . The hair felt incredible after it was shampooed and requires very little toning. I love that this lightener lightens so well without the damaged feel. As a colorist I am always striving to find a product that is reliable and I can have confidence in. I know that this will change the way I am able to paint hair. Thank you!!!!

~ Sophia | Colorist for 13 years

I love the how easily the lightener mixes and how incredible the application is.

~ Skylar | Colorist for 5 years

The consistency of the lightener is easy to work with and stays true throughout the whole process. It never gets fluffy or has to be remixed. It lightens the hair quickly without damage. Even at the basin before being shampooed the hair feels incredible. I just love it!!

~ Taylor | Colorist for 9 years

Learn Before you Buy

Join one of our custom hair painting education classes and get a chance to try Whittemore House Hair Paint™ before you buy. Our educational staff are considered the industry's leading hair colorists and authorities on color. We offer two seminar types.

WH Painted. Rethink Color

A one day foundational course in hair painting. Led by Whittemore House Lead Colorists Anna Teterina and Alyson Pemoulie.

Learn More

Intensive 2 Day Hair Painting Seminar

Allows for a maximum of 9 students to receive an individualized, comprehensive introduction to this modern technique of hair coloring.

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