Ryan Cunningham


Ryan Cunningham is a small town, country boy, who traveled to New York 16 years ago to pursue his passion as a hairstylist, throwing himself into the beauty industry.

Classically trained at Vidal Sassoon, he spent the majority of his career at Bumble and bumble thriving as an educator. Ryan specializes in men's and women's grooming and is multifaceted, implementing his skills in any arena, including editorial work. He is a presence at fashion week and is committed to progressive techniques.

Ryan's perspective can be described as “rock 'n'roll pretty:" a little funk, often rock 'n' roll, but always pretty. He offers versatility, providing anything from soft razor cuts to geometric bobs or effortless and natural styles.

“I love to do all types of hair, that's the honest truth. It can be long or short, and I have never met a bob I didn't like." Ryan thrives in a laid-back work atmosphere and is committed to creating long-lasting client relationships. Although he enjoys creating modern looks, he will always be faithful to the classics as well.

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